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 FST-800 Closed Loop Vector Control inverter

Power range: 1.5KW-630KW 380V,3 phases

Application area:Suitable for high-end application area with high precision, fast response, high torque, big inertia, potential load etc. For example, CNC machine, crane, lift, winding machine, cement machine, mine conveyor.

Main features:

1. LCD keypad, English, Russian, French, German, Chinese language available;
2. Four control mode for option: V/F control, V/F control with PG, vector control, vector control with PG;
3. Massive advanced functionalities available: energy saving control, speed control, slip compensation, torque compensation, moment control, zero-servo control, motor parameter autotuning, parameter copy;
4. High starting torque at low speed: in the mode of closed-loop control, the series inverter can realize 150% rated torque at the zero speed;
5. Speed control range: 1:1000;
6. Speed control accuracy is within ±0.02%;
7. Output frequency accuracy is within ±0.01%;
8. Multi-function input/output terminals, multi-function analog input/output function and serial communication function make operation more convenient;
9. Perfect parameter online monitoring function, fault analysis function, protection and alarm function guarantee reliability of the inverter;
10. Inbuilt PID function;
11. Inbuilt RS-485 Communication interface (MODBUS Protocol);
12. 15KW or below model is equipped with inbuilt braking unit as standard; Sound fault protection function, guaranteeing the inverter’s high performance and high reliability;

13. Sound fault protection function, guaranteeing the inverter's high performance and high reliability.


Item Specification
Rated voltage /frequency Three phase 380~440V  50Hz/60Hz
Allowed fluctuation Voltage: +10% ~ -15%; Frequency: ±5%
Output voltage Three phase 0~380V
Output frequency 0~400.00Hz
Overload capacity 150% of rated current – 1Min
Control mode V/F control, V/F control with PG, Vector control, Vector control with PG
LCD display Six languages for option: Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish
Starting torque 180%  1Hz (200%,0Hz in the mode of vector control with PG)
Speed control range 1:100  (1:1000 in the mode of vector control with PG )
Speed control accuracy ±0.2% (±0.02% in the mode of vector control with PG )
Speed response 5Hz( 30Hz in the mode of vector control with PG )
Torque control accuracy ±5%
Torque response 20Hz (40Hz in the mode of vector control with PG )
Frequency control range 0.1~400Hz
Frequency accuracy Digital command: ±0.01% (-10℃~ +40℃);
Analog command: ±0.1% (10℃~ 25℃);
Frequency reference resolution Digital command: 0.01Hz;
Analog command: 0.03Hz / 60Hz
Frequency reference signal .-10V~+10V;  0~+10V (20KΩ); 4~20mA
Output freq. resolution 0.01Hz
Communication RS485 interface: 485+, 485- (MODBUS Protocol)
Acc/Dec time 0.01 ~ 6000s
Braking torque 20% (up to 150% for models with inbuilt braking function and external braking resistor)
Voltage/Frequency characteristics 15 kinds of Voltage/Frequency characteristics for option;
And user can set V/F characteristics all by themselves.
Protection function Overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, stall, grounding fault, charging protection. Etc
Ambient temperature .-10℃~ +40℃. Deration above 40℃
Humidity 20~90%RH, non-condensing
Protection rating IP20
Cooling mode Forced air cooling

Keypad and function

Wiring Diagram