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 FST-700 Medium Voltage Frequency inverter

ower range: 7.5KW-1000KW

Application area:Application area: Conveyer belt of mine/ Scraper conveyer/ Coal feeder/ Fan/ Water pump/ Oil pump and electrical submersible pump of oilfields

Main feature:

Technique Features

FST-700 medium voltage vector frequency inverter adopt the latest electric power tech, low inductance design of main circuit, high reliability, optimized layout of components, low tempera ture and long life-span. It is applicable to large-inertial and high-precision drive control. For explosion-proof product manufacturers, we can also provide for OEM spare parts and inner designs.

a) Input power: 3 phases AC 660V or 3 phases AC  1140V.

b) Control mode: no PG vector control, PG vector control, V/F control without PG, V/F control with PG.

c) Starting torque: 0Hz 200% with PG vector control (VC); 0.5Hz 150% without PG vector control (SVC)

d) Soft start and soft packing to heavy load, low start current, stable start speed, small impact to grid

e) Flexible adjustment to S-curve according to present working conditions, so as to reduce dynamic tension when start.

f) More than 30 types of running control and protection functions, such as over currents, over voltage, overload, under voltage protection, open phase protection, short circuit protection, etc.

g) The expansion board can be selected by customer's request

Circuit diagram