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 FST-500 Mini Size SVC Frequency inverter

Power range: 0.4KW-2.2KW 220V, 0.75-7.5KW 380V

Application area:packing machine, dumpling machine, food mixing machine, milling machine, drilling machine, painting machine, small power turning lathe, wood-working machine

Main features:

1. 16-bit microprocessor controlled PWM output

2. Automatic torque boost & slip compensation

3. Output frequency 0.1-400Hz

4. 8-step speed control & 7-step process control

5. Low-noise carrier frequency up to 15kHz

6. 2accel./decel. times & S-curve

7. Process follower 0-10VDC, 4-20Ma

8. Communication interface RS-485 (Baud rate 38400)

9. Energy saving & automatic voltage regulation

10. Adjustable V/F curve & simple vector control

11. Automatic adjustment of accel./decel. Times

12. PID feedback control

13. Simple position function

14. 0 speed holding function

15. Sleep Revival function build-in


I/O Features
Input Voltage Range 380/220V±15%  Single or 3 phase
Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Output Voltage Range 0~rated Input voltage
Output Frequency Range 0~400Hz
Output Power 0.4KW-7.5KW
Control characteristics Control System SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation)control (V/F or sensorless vector control)
Freq. Setting Resolution 0.1Hz
Output Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
Torque Characteristics Including the auto-torque, auto-slip compensation; starting torque can be 150% at 5.0Hz
Overload Endurance 150% of rated current for 1 minute
Skip Frequency Three zones, settings range 0.1-400Hz
Accel/Decel Time 0.1 to 600 seconds (2 independent settings for Accel/Decel Time)
Stall Prevention Level
Frequency Setting
20%-200%, Setting of Rated Current
DC Injection Braking Operation frequency 0-60Hz, output 0-100% rated current
Start time 0-5 seconds, stop time 0-25 seconds
Braking Torque Approx. 20% (up to 125% possible with option braking resistor or
braking unit externally mounted)
V/F Pattern Adjustable V/F pattern
Keypad Keypad®®
External Signal Potentiometer-5KQ/0.5W, 0 to +10VDC; 4 to 20mA, RS-485 interface;
Multi-Function Inputs 0 to 5 (7 steps. Jog, up/down)
Operation Setting Signal
Keypad Set by RUN, STOP
External Signal 2 wires / 3 wires (Run, Stop, Forward / Rev, ), JOG operation,
RS-485 serial interface (MODBUS)
Operating characteristics
Input Signal
Multi-step selection 0 to 7, Jog. accel/decel inhibit, first to forth accel/decel switches, counter,
PLC operation, external Base Block (NC, NO), auxiliary motor control is invalid, ACI/AVI
selections, drive reset. UP/DOWN key settings, sink/source selection
Output Indication
AC Drive Operating, Frequency Attained, Non-zero, Base Block, Fault Indication,
Local/Remote indication. PLC Operation indication. Auxiliary Motor Output, Driver is Ready,
Overheat, Alarm, Emergency Stop
Analog Output Signal Analog frequency/current signal output.
Alarm Output Contact 1Form C contact or open collector output.
Operation Functions AVR. S-Curve. Over-Voltage. Over-Current Stall Prevention, Fault Records. Adjustable Carrier
Frequency, DC Braking, Momentary Power Loss restart, Auto Tuning, Frequency Limits,
Parameter Lock/Reset, Vector Control, Counter. PID Control, PLC,
MODBUS Communication, Reverse Inhibition, abnormal reset,
abnormal re-start, digital frequency output, sleep/revival function,
1 st/2nd frequency source selections
Protective Functions Self-testing, Over Voltage, Over Current, Under Voltage, Overload,
Overheating, ExternalFault, Electronic thermal, Ground Fault.
Display Keypads 6-key. 4-digit. 7-segment LED. 4 status LEDs, master frequency, output frequency.
Output current, custom units, parameter values for setup, review and faults,RUN, STOP, RESET, FWD/REV
Environment conditions Protection Level IP20
Pollution Degree 2
Installation Location Altitude 1,000m or less, keep from corrosive gas. liquid and dust
Ambient Temperature .-10°C to 40°C (-10°C to 50°C without blind plate) Non-Condensing and not frozen
Storage / Transportation
-20°C to 60°C
Ambient Humidity Below 90% RH (non-condensing )
Vibration 9.80665™^ (1G) less than 20Hz. 5.88m/s2 (0.6G) at 20 to 50Hz

Keypad and function:

Circuit Diagram: